Paintings of Bangladesh

Bay of Bengal
Bay of Bengal, Early Morning
2006, oil, 9x12
Mangroves & Mudflats
Mangroves and Mudflats
2006, oil, 9x12
Along the Road at Dusk
2006, oil, 18x24
Dhaka School Bus
Going to School in Dhaka
2006, oil, 12x18
Bengali Boats
Bengali Boats
2006, oil, 9x12
Dhows on the Bay of Bengal
2006, oil, 9x12
Ferry Boat Magna River
Ferry Boat on the Magna River
2006, oil, 11x14
Magna River
2006, oil, 5x7
Breaking Ships
Breaking Ships, Chittagong
2006, oil, 9x12
Old Gardener's Basket
2006, oil, 11x14
Mustard Field Bangladesh
Mustard Field on the way to Rajshai
2006, oil, 11x14
Two Women
2006, oil, 20x16
Angel on Duty
2006, oil, 30x40
At the Edge of the Magna River
2006, watercolor, 5x10
"He has no son", Fishing Girl on the Magna River
2006, watercolor, 8x13
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